Premium Class Load Protection Solutions

Service and Spare Parts

Production machines and devices need to work reliable, effectively and on high performance level. Therefore, they need to have scheduled service. Octomeca’s After Sales Department can offer professional service and spare parts to all our machines.

If needed, we can also offer a complete machine installation, start-up and training as turn-key delivery. Even the machines are thoroughly tested before delivery, connections to surrounding devices requires professional skills. When properly executed, the machine is ready for customer’s use for years to come.

Life cycle services

Octomeca offers versatile and professional lifecycle services for all Octomeca equipment’s from installation and start to additional machine options and modernizations. It is possible to update the machine with the latest technical innovations at any stage of the life cycle when needed.

Preventive maintenance and reliable spare part services are the most important life cycle services which affect the machines life cycle length, TCO and machines equable usability.

Octomeca offers tailored and flexible preventive maintenance plans based on customers production and machine needs.   Top of that Octomeca’s professional service team is ready to serve technical support requests with quick response.

  • Preventive maintenance agreements
  • General service visits
  • Additional machine options
  • Machine modernizations
  • Installations and start up’s
  • Operator trainings

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