Premium Class Load Protection Solutions

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

TCO thinking is used to estimate the total cost of an investment over its entire life cycle. Top of investments purchase price, the total costs must take into account during the whole lifecycle. Most relevant factor in TCO is equipment reliability. Unplanned production stops and low packaging quality are essential elements when evaluating TCO. Professional machine installation, commissioning, spare parts, maintenance and technical developments during the life cycle are important factors to ensure excellent TCO.

Expected life cycle for Octomeca’s equipment’s is long, even +20 years. This is possible by means of high technical quality of the machines and cost effective lifecycle services provided by Octomeca.

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Lifecycle care

The Lifecycle for Octomeca’s machines is estimated to be +20 years. Thanks to modular construction, various modifications can be made afterwards according to customer’s needs. This will significantly add the machine lifecycle by many years.