Premium Class Load Protection Solutions

OMC-H Series

OMC-H Series

Most robust, most reliable fully automatic wrapping machine for industrial use. We provide solutions up to 150pph.

OMC-H rotation arm machine is wrapping various loads (with or without pallet) horizontally with stretch film. Machines size is defined according to maximum load diagonal measurement. In addition to predefined modular sizes, even tailormade sizes can be made. We do build biggest fully automatic wrapping machines in the market.

Modern technology and film Power-Pre-Stretch device enables to achieve an economic, sturdy transport packaging.

As option, the machines can be equipped with various options. Main options to meet requirements on different segments:

-Integrated top sheet (dust or splash proof)

-Automatic roll change applicator (1+3 or 1+9 rolls)

-Corner post applicator with various corner post magazine types

-2 Motor Power-pre-Stretch carriage (stepless pre-stretching adjustement)

-Double arm construction to reach up to 150pph

-Power-pre-Stretch carriage for 750mm wide film

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