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Stretch film, 100 % recyclable packaging material

Stretch film, 100 % recyclable packaging material

Stretch film is made of LLDP (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) which is one of the most used packaging materials around the world. Due to wide selection of various film qualities and thicknesses, it can be used as protective packaging material to many products or palletized loads.

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about environmental challenges and recycling of the packaging materials. Even so this topic is still a big question, solutions or alternatives in order to improve the material recycling can already be found.

Altogether, it’s more or less up to society’s activities to organize recycling and people’s attitudes.

Recent development in machine techniques makes it possible to take advantage of the modern stretch films. The pre-stretch device gives a better film force on to the load, but it usually also means better packaging economy. Thinner film quality can be used or even fewer wrapping rounds pro pallet.

Stretch film is made of 100 % polyethylene, a fully recyclable material. In order to be able to have the optimal end-result for each customer, it is now possible to combine specific load protection with full recycling.