Transport packages

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Transport packages with stretch film

Transport packages with stretch film

Cost effective and strong transport package is achieved by using stretch film. We are solving difficult and demanding transport package problems. By using stretch film in different ways and integrating suitable additional functions, customer will get compact and reliable packing equipment as turn-key delivery.

If needed, we will even develop completely new concept for customer needs. With aid of flexible organization and modern design tools we are manufacturing each machine just for customer needs. When asking for quotation, customer does not need to know details of different machine types, but instead, the final package of customer is our start point.

All machines we make are built using modern technology and high class components. Technical solutions are representing state of art in business and built for hard use with minimum service needs. Machines are delivered with full installation and startup.

Our customers are leading companies from different manufacturing segments worldwide as well as smaller local companies, who have a common high demands for their machines and service.